Sassafras Photos




I am a mountain girl at heart. I’ve taught skiing for over 30 years and have skied in more places than I can count on two hands. I even spent a season teaching in Kitzbuhl, Austria. Hiking and travel are two more of my favorite things. You could say the outdoors is my passion!

Throughout my travels and life I have always had a camera in hand and photographing people has been my specialty. Looking back though old photos there aren’t very many scenery photos without people. You could say I was destined for this work. A few years ago a friend and extraordinary photographer encouraged me start my own business; what started out as a kind of, fun thing to do, has turned into an exciting  business. I feel very blessed for all the support my family, friends and clients have given me along the way!

Natural light, lifestyle photography is my specialty. I offer many different types of sessions but I have to say my favorite is portraits. It’s important to me to notice what is most special in each of my clients and to capture who they are.  I have always been a writer/storyteller, and photographing people is a wonderful way to tell their story. The time spent with clients is always fresh and new and I look forward to each session for what it will bring. Whether I am rolling in the sand with a puppy, making faces with a 3 year old, hearing the excitement of parents to be, discussing life with a senior or shooting professional head shots for a business; I learn something new from everyone I work with.

I would love to talk with you about your personalized photo session. Send a note my way or give me a call. I can’t wait to hear from you!




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